How Can Women Heal Their Disturbed Minds During the Pandemic? Jason E Fisher Shares Crucial Guidelines

It is evident that the world is collectively witnessing more stress and tension than ever. Even though the pandemic situation has slightly improved, we are still not completely out of the testing phase. The danger is still present as the virus is mutating and coming back in waves. Hence, the thought “when will all this get over” bothers one and all Jason E Fisher.

Guidelines by Jason E Fisher

Women respond and react to stress differently. Research and studies show that stress affects a woman’s hormones and results in some physical imbalance. It also results in bouts of depression and mood swings. Hence, women must address their mental health during this pandemic stress. Some of the crucial and valuable ways for women to boost their mental health are:

Deep breathing and meditation

According to the latest studies, many women have developed minor issues with their health during the past year due to the pandemic stress. Women have also exhibited signs of depression and acute anxiety. One of the best ways to combat physical and mental stress is to try out meditation and deep breathing. You can practice deep breathing as you sit in a meditative pose. It helps to recalibrate the disturbed breathing pattern and can balance the hormone generation process as well. That is not all. It can also help to calm the mind and allow women to think constructively without fear or stress.

Speak to a therapist

No one knows when we will get back to our “normal” ways of life! It is a cause of worry and stress for many women. Many women often think that the present way of life is going to be what will continue forever and get into a negative thinking loop. It can lead to depression and an anxious way of thinking. Hence, women must seek counseling from an expert therapist. That way, the therapist can address their thoughts and provide them with apt guidance to correct or change their thoughts. It will help them to gain mental clarity and peace.

Pick a hobby

Today, most of us are working from home and that leaves us with ample time at hand. Hence, women must use this extra time to pick up a hobby. You can choose a hobby that you love to do. It can range from anything from gardening, painting, dancing, singing to poetry. A hobby results in an energy boost that enhances mental health. For instance, if you love cooking and baking, you can make your favorite dish, take an Instagram-worthy image, and share it. It will help you to release happy hormones. Similarly, if you love to write poems, you can share your poetry on your social media profile and get ample appreciation. It will make you feel productive and happy.

Jason E Fisher states that women must address the pandemic stress that they are undergoing and remedy the same. It’s essential for balanced mental health. The guidelines mentioned above can help.

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