How to Improve Your Mental Well-being During the Pandemic? Jason E Fisher Shares Helpful Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak came abruptly and created global havoc. Initially, the increasing death and infection rates scared people. The downside of the pandemic got followed by an economic downswing as well, from which the world economy is still recovering. That is not all! People were experiencing salary cuts and job losses. Currently, the world has come a long way in combating the pandemic, but it has left most people stressed and in constant fear Jason E Fisher.

Mental wellness guidelines by Jason E Fisher

It’s not healthy for a person to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety. It adversely affects mental health. Hence, people need to follow easy mental well-being guidelines to release their pent-up tension and stress. Some of the valuable guidelines are:

  1. Make a conscious choice to think positive thoughts

Sanitizer and mask are not the only things we carry with us when we step out of the house today! We carry with us a lurking fear of getting infected by the invisible virus. And this single thought can spring endless negative thoughts in the brain, which can run on loop. The result is worry and anxiety. Hence, it is essential to think positively. One of the best ways to do that is suggestion of affirmative thoughts to the brain. For instance, when you are stepping out, equipped with your mask and sanitizer, you need to tell yourself that you are following safety protocols and you are safe. It will help to bring down the anxiety and will better your mental well-being.

  • Speak to family and friends

Currently, we have nowhere to go! The entertainment avenues are closed because of the subsequent lockdown orders. Hence, people must follow the safety protocols and stay at home. Our way of life has changed, and that has resulted in us getting mentally stagnant. It is essential to speak and share a hearty conversation with our friends and family. However, this conversation shouldn’t get forced; otherwise, it will completely miss its purpose. There can be moments when you and a family member are cooking together, and you can initiate a conversation. Take time out to speak to your friends using virtual apps to stay connected. It will help you to share more and feel good.

  • Write a journal

We have several things in our hearts that we want to share but fail to. Jason E Fisher says that the pandemic has made people slow down and self-introspect. At times, it becomes essential to share these reflective thoughts. And if you are unable to do that with a friend or family member, you can start writing a journal. It is one of the creative ways to unlock your thoughts and emotions on paper and face them without judgment. It helps to release any stress associated with your feelings and allows you to sort out your thoughts better gradually. You will feel at ease with yourself.

These are some of the best ways to take care of your mental health during the pandemic phase.

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