Jason E Fisher on the crucial factors affecting mental health in the post-pandemic world

We, human beings, have the ability to perform under duress. All of us live with feelings of worry, stress, and even depression at some point or other in life. However, even with the ability to keep up appearances and performances, often the stressors overwhelm us. It is, therefore, quite typical to find individuals with compromised mental health Jason E Fisher.

According to Jason E Fisher, there are several reasons for compromised mental health. It can be physical health, external agents, or some deep-seated psychological issue. These varying factors and differences in the extent of the day-to-day challenges make mental health analysis a challenging and tricky job. However, the problem is there even if we often fail to recognize the patterns and the symptoms. The problem is quite severe among the younger generation, who feel the full brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing effects.

To understand mental health issues, we need to learn more about the factors that cause them. Read on to know more.

Isolation and loneliness – Jason E Fisher

However, Loneliness is the primary source of anxiety and depression. A person can experience isolation at different points in life, and often the feeling can subside by itself. However, if you find yourself living with the feeling almost permanently, it will affect your mental health. Isolation and loneliness can come from low-income, familial relationships, grief, loss, physical condition, and cognitive issues. Always take help from experts and family members in such cases.

Loss and grief

However, Grief follows the loss in a natural order. Grief often accompanies the loss of near and dear ones, job losses, and other genuine reasons. Keep in mind that the way you feel is the way you act. So, if you are enduring grief, it is understandable that you are hurting other aspects of your life; you should force yourself to turn towards positive directions through activities and family time to re-energize yourself.

Family violence

Not everyone is blessed with domestic bliss; domestic violence is often a source of terror and provides an unsafe environment. It can be severely mentally challenging and stunting for a young mind. Physical harm and emotional harassment are major issues that counselors have to deal with following domestic abuse. There might be issues with cultural and spiritual factors as well. Get help from law enforcement and other legal authorities as soon as possible.

Deal with bullying

However, Children usually face the problem of bullying, which leads to mental stress and anxiety. Bullying can be intentional, offensive, and repetitive. The post-pandemic world has shifted all focus towards utilizing internet domains to get everything done. Cyberbullying on social media platforms is therefore rampant these days. To stop the misuse of authority and the natural cocoon provided by the internet to the bullies, it is vital to promptly monitor minors’ internet activities and report incidents of harassment to the platform and local cybercrime authorities. 

With a positive approach and healing touch, you can reduce stress and anxiety to improve mental health among the world population significantly.

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