Jason E Fisher: The benefits of using teardrop flags for any company

Teardrop flag banners or teardrop flags refer to the flags shaped like a teardrop. You can custom design them with the help of a dye sublimation process to make them suitable for your needs. They usually need the support of a flagpole that you can dig in the ground or rest on a flag stand. The installation choices can be different. So you need to check it at the time of purchase. The flagpole tends to be wind-resistant.

You can put a teardrop flag outside your company or store to attract the passersby. There is no doubt that it can serve your advertising goals effortlessly. To make it a perfect choice for you and deliver optimum benefits, some printing companies offer options in single-sided and double-sided teardrop flags. As you can guess, double-sided banners allow you to print designs on either side. You can keep it the same or vary it based on your preference. The protective layer of the lining ensures that designs on both sides remain clear.  If you want to get maximum attention from people from everywhere, then it’s indeed handy.

Single-sided flags contain designs on one side, which can be partially visible on the back as well. For budget campaigns, these can be extremely useful. Anyway, the best part about both these types is that they are a great promotional and advertising tool for both indoor and outdoor events.

Since they are durable and weather resistant, you can use them as outdoor signs. However, it doesn’t imply you can’t depend on them for indoor events. Whether you are hosting exhibitions, expos, or conferences, you can get one done for such occasions too. No matter what you need, going for a teardrop banner can prove to be the right decision for you from many viewpoints. Here is a quick look into them.

Jason E FisherWhy use a teardrop flag?

Advertise 24X7

You don’t have to remove it after use. It can give your brand exposure throughout the days and weeks because it doesn’t come with an expiry or validity period.

Spend less

Most of the advertising channels charge a lot. But you can achieve a lot with a teardrop flag. Its longevity is another factor that makes it an attractive investment for you.

Get more in little space

A teardrop flag banner doesn’t need much space for its installation. So, even with a small area, you can go ahead with your promotion. It may take limited space, but the vibrant design, fonts, and message on it can reach far and wide.

Assemble it effortlessly

The printing companies offer flagpole kits also depending on what you order. You don’t have to drill and hammer a nail. You have to put the flag and the pole together with the help of the kit. It wouldn’t be time-consuming. Once you are done, you can pack all the stuff back into the travel bag and carry it back home.

If you are looking for an affordable advertising and promotional tool for your brand, then this can be a remarkable choice for sure.

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