Jason E Fisher: Things to consider when using media walls for events

A pop-up media banner, display wall, or backdrop banner tends to be the spotlight of any red carpet event, exhibition, or trade show. The full-color fabric made through the dye sublimation process attaches. To the frame and gets set up within a matter of a few minutes. Its portability and ease of installation make it a hit with event organizers and companies. The message on the wall change based on your marketing and promotional needs. Jason E Fisher if have to replace the old fabric, you can get a new one printed with the latest message while retaining the old structure. It is undoubtedly a must-have marketing tool for any significant sponsored event.

To use it for photo opportunities and advertising, you need to keep certain factors in mind so that your ultimate goals get fulfilled. Here are some quick tips on this.

Jason E Fisher: Keep your media banner simple

Media walls can be attention pullers if you use them the right way. However, you don’t need to overdo them to an extent where they become a distraction. The main idea behind putting them is branding and sponsorship exposure. So, don’t include too many logos or repeat designs. Any graphic that looks busy or cluttered should be avoided. The less you use them, the more the banner will look appealing. Usually, experts recommend applying basic design in white background with four logos that you can repeat.

Give focus to your brand and sponsors

A media wall needs to contain brand logos. Make sure you check the dimension of the images well. These should be high resolution only for the best effect. Otherwise, your audience may fail to connect with you.

Please choose the correct location for its placement

No matter what size media banner you select for your event, it has to be present at the best site to get noticed. Placing it at the section where footfall tends to be higher can be a smart decision. Please make sure you click people when they reach the spot. Since it can also help direct visitors to the entrance hall, you have to be extra careful with where you keep it in the event.

Position the banner well

If it is not the illuminated backdrop banner, you might want to keep it where plenty of lighting is available. It would also come in handy when guests stop by for a picture. Plus, pay heed to its fixtures and enhancements so that it doesn’t fall or move.

Also referred to as step and repeats, the media walls can increase the grace of any event. A single printed frame can garner you so much attention, making your promotional and marketing efforts successful. You can carry it anywhere because of its lightweight. The large printed polyester material stretched onto the frame tends to be free of creases or wrinkles. It can complement the entire. Nevertheless, choose only a reputable printing store for ordering it.

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