Mind the wellness dimensions in the post-pandemic world – Jason E Fisher

Wellness is the persistent inner balance along with personal expansion. Wellness is not just about being well physically, but it is a vital part. It is more than that, and overall wellness considers your physical and mental faculties. It deals with stress management, blood pressure control, weight management as well as exercise. However, the most important dimension of overall wellness is stress reduction which has become a potent “silent-killer” of the modern world Jason E Fisher.

Wellness dimensions as per Jason E Fischer

According to healthcare experts and professionals, wellness has several dimensions, and in the following section, we have gone over the three main types. Read on to know more.

Physical dimension

However, Any wellness program needs to consider the demands of physical improvement and dimension. It includes proper body movement, healthy nutrition, and getting rid of all the vices, including smoking and drinking. It is vital to remember that most individuals suffer from several minor and major discomforts during this post-pandemic phase. Here is how to develop a healthy physical state.

  • Yoga and aerobics sessions
  • Take care of the discomforts medically
  • Manage meal portions and nutrition balance
  • Get rid of habits – smoking and alcohol
  • Timely sleep and adequate rest

Emotional dimension

According to Jason E Fischer, emotional wellness is extraordinarily dynamic and changes according to immediate conditions. If you are emotionally balanced, then your expressions of human emotions like anger, sorrow, and happiness will be under control at all times. Emotionally balanced individuals are optimistic and always have high self-esteem. Here are some of the ways to service and take care of your emotional needs and requirements.

  • Maintain a journal
  • Think positive to get the best results
  • Stress-management tactics work the best
  • Learn to forgive, accept and even forget, if possible
  • Meditation and deep breathing to control your emotions
  • Talk to a therapist

Intellectual dimension

However, Intellectual wellness is all about your creativity and how efficiently you can engage yourself in different mental activities throughout the day. An inspired life exercises the mind. Intellectual wellness allows you to learn new things, and it creates the need to learn new things. It is vital to remember that we all need to learn, enhance present skills, and expand our knowledge in life. Staying tuned to current events is another way to broaden your intellectual horizons, Jason E Fisher.

Also, It is vital to note that the pandemic and ensuing post-pandemic time have affected individuals’ intellectual wellbeing quite severely. News updates primarily provide data related to infections and similar articles. And, even with the development of the vaccine, we can still catch the disease and face some consequences. That is why it is vital to opt for the following to take care of the intellectual wellness dimension.

  • Learn a new language
  • Read books and join an online book club
  • Join a skill-building and sharing club
  • Learn about art, history, or literature

It is vital to remember that the pandemic has provided us with anxiety and restrictions. So, when addressing physical, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing, follow our guidelines to hold you in good stead. Take care!

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