Mistakes Companies Make That Limit the Potential of Their Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives – An Analysis by Jason E Fisher

Implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives is Jason E Fisher among the most popular way for business. To show their commitment to going social good. However, if you have not taken care to think it through or made implementation mistakes. It can boomerang on the company and have adverse fallout on your corporate goodwill. More importantly, it will not be able to achieve the results you wanted for the community. Some common mistakes in implementing CSR that you should take care to avoid:

Jason E Fisher Not Looking at Internal Practices before Implementing CSR

While investing in CSR activities is a great way for boosting corporate goodwill, you must practice the same philosophy. Within your business otherwise, you are likely to be ridiculed. For example, if your company is supporting the cause of reducing the environmental pollution. You simply cannot have a situation where you are not disposing of toxic waste responsibly. Companies need to remember that for their CSR activities. To have a real impact, they too need to become role models as responsible corporate citizens.

Not Having Top-Management Buy-In 

Your CSR policy should have the support of the functional heads of the company because otherwise. The planned initiatives will not have the envisioned success. If your company’s management is in separate silos and does not share the same values. It is quite likely that one department may champion a CSR initiative but the finance department. May shoot down the budgetary allocation. For the CSR initiative to be successful, all the members of the top management will need to be on board and believe. That it is good for the company, the community, and employees, observes Jason E Fisher.

Not Caring About the Impact

Many companies undertake CSR more for the public relations advantages than to make a difference to their communities. It is important to appreciate, that real changes and improvements, can only be made if the company focuses on an effective impact. On society and not on posturing. It means that the company should think long and hard before committing itself. To a CSR initiative so that it can ensure that sufficient resources. Can be allocated to achieve it instead of going through the motions.

Jason E Fisher Trying to Do It Alone Can Be Ineffective, Warns Jason E Fisher

Some companies try to take up a CSR initiative. As something that is an extension of the company’s brand without trying to collaborate. With other businesses or agencies to achieve an outcome that is tangible and worthwhile for the community. For example, if you are a company consuming a lot of water, a laudable CSR initiative. Maybe the conservation of the local water table. However, the efforts of just one company are likely to be insufficient. If many companies start working with governmental agencies then it can benefit the local population facing water shortage.


Companies that are serious about their social and environmental responsibilities will need to focus on long-term outcomes rather than be driven by immediate PR optics and costs. They will seek to achieve real change by recognizing the real challenges and trying to achieve high-impact enduring change by collaborating with the community and partners fired by a similar vision.

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