Uncertainty at Times of Pandemic: A Report by Jason E Fisher

The year is 2021, and with each passing month, the rise in COVID-19 infection is also increasing at an alarming rate which in turn is also affecting the anxiety of people and having a profound effect on people’s mental ailment. Not only the young affect, but the elderly too are suffering from various mental illnesses. With each wave of covid, people are gravitating more towards hopelessness. The situation is sinking in for people as they worry about their financial security and their future. As the question of the future is in itself a maybe. People are trying to understand the situation and are trying to take the best course of action available to them, Jason E Fisher.

With every stratum of people is affectes, there is one group whose mental health has been negatively impacted, and that being the young carers. They have suffered a huge deal and, during the time, have struggled to get emotional support.

What Does Jason E Fisher Think About Long Haulers

With different types of the variant in play, there seem to be various categorizations of the virus one being the ‘Long Haulers’. They are the people having symptoms of covid for more than 12 weeks and are quite vulnerable.

The impact of covid on people’s health has been profound, and it is not over yet. Various people diagnosed with the disease experience various symptoms, and some have experienced it after many months of being infected. It is commonly known as Long Covid. The symptoms for these range from mild to severe, and the hospital repeatedly. Though with the help of vaccines, the situation is somewhat controllable, it is quite complicates for the long haulers.

Prevention is better than cure

As the axiom goes that prevention is the best defense and offense, doctors suggest that good health maintenance is the best way to reduce some serious conditions from the virus. As per various reports, people are not considered long haulers until they have symptoms for more than three months. If the symptoms of covid last up to 4 weeks, it is referred to as Acute COVID-19 case, if it falls under the period time of 4 to 12 weeks, it is term as symptomatic COVID, But if a person is suffering for more than 12 weeks they are considered as long haulers and technically called as PASC.

SYMPTOMS of long-haulers

People having PASC experience a wide range of physical and mental symptoms, such as body ache, fatigue, depression, and various other mental illnesses. One of the symptoms is hard to concentrate or think clearly and a relatively fast heartbeat. Some of the serious symptoms are that of palpitation, heart problem, shortness of breath, coughing. One can also experience insomnia along with loss of taste and smell. The best way to deal with such a situation is to seek out medical help, follow the physician’s instructions. And timely visit your doctors.

As mentioned by Jason E Fisher, it is for the benefit of all to acknowledge mental illness. And form a society of people who are kind. And can support those for whom this lockdown has been the most challenging.

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